How People Are Making Money With Kindle

Over the past couple of years, lots of individuals have been making money by publishing Kindle e-books on Amazon.  A lot of new authors, publishers as well as internet marketers have made use of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to make money with Kindle. They have been able to take advantage of the Amazon Kindle platform because it is relatively simple to publish a book using the platform. This has now turned into a lucrative way to make money online.  

With e-books now hugely outperforming hard copies of books regarding sales, self-publishing e-books offers a new opportunity for individuals to make money. The wonderful thing is that even if you are not an established author, you can still publish a book. Also, you do not have to be the one to write the book neither do you need to look for a publishing company. With the Amazon Kindle platform, making money through publishing e-books has never been easier. In this article, I will be putting you through how to start publishing e-books and making money with Kindle.


How Does Amazon Kindle Publishing Work?

To start making money on Kindle is simple. All you need to do is to sign up for a free Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account. Using your KDP account, new books can be easily added to your shelf within a couple of minutes.

Fill in your book title, the name of the author, and book description. After this, upload your book cover, upload your e-book file (which ought to have been previously formatted in e-pub). All that is left is for you to select the price you will like to sell your book, and hit publish.

Your book will be reviewed by KDP within 24 hours before finally posting it. Once it has been published, your book becomes available for sale on Amazon all over the world. Most of the marketing and selling is done by Amazon.


How Much Will You Be Paid?

KDP offers you two royalty alternative. For every sale of your book, you either get 35% or 70% based on the price of the book.  If the price of your book is between $0.99 and $2.99, you will be getting 70% of each sale. Selling your book for $2.99 makes you $2.09 for each sale. Any other thing from $0.99 to $200 will be under the 35% royalty window. The best pricing is at $2.99. Even though it may look small, but if you can sell lots of copies, you will be surprised by what you stand to gain.


What Are The Things You Need To Know Before Publishing?

There are lots of things involved in publishing a book on Amazon Kindle platform that is often overlooked. If care is not taken, this may end up affecting the performance of your book. Some of the things you need to know before publishing a book on Amazon Kindle platform include:

  • Find a Profitable Niche and analyze the profitability.

The primary thing that determines how successful your book will be is the niche, category, or market the book is in. Some book ideas might come up even though they may not be big enough for the market. You may even find some that have a big market, but there exist high competition making it difficult for your book to be noticed. As a result of this, you have to perform thorough research about niches that are profitable, but with little competition.

If you publish a Kindle book without performing any prior research, it may turn out that there is no market for your book. No sales will be generated with this. This is why it is crucial to find a profitable niche and analyze the profitability of your book in such a niche.

  • Create a Good Title and an Attractive Cover for Your E-Book

After deciding on the niche, and the profitability of your book, the next thing is creating, not just an ordinary title, but the right one. A good title should contain keyword for the chosen niche. With this, the odds of your book getting noticed will be high. The presence of the keyword will also make your book rank high. Also, an attractive cover can even be the reason that will make a reader consider checking out your book.

  • Write Your Kindle E-Book

The next step is writing your Kindle e-book. If you are a good writer, you can get this done. If you are not, you can hire the services of a professional writer. You can get it done by outsourcing the book on freelancing platforms.

Try as much as possible that your book is high quality.  You may end up getting negative reviews for writing crappy books. This will end up hurting you down the road. Investing more in editing and proofreading your book is recommended. This will make it top-notch, hence, positive reviews.  Your book should be well proof-read!

  • Publish Your E-Book on Amazon

Once your cover and Kindle book is ready, the next step is to publish it on Amazon.  As it was earlier mentioned, sign-up for a KDP account, click on the Bookshelf, click “Add New Title” and then follow the instructions for your book.

Promoting and Marketing

Even though Amazon does most of the marketing for you, but it doesn’t stop here. It is now left to your to find more ways of getting your book to your potential readers. Several strategies can be used in promoting and marking a Kindle e-book. They include:

  • KDP Select Program

After publishing your book, there is an option to enroll your book in the KDP Select Program. The KDP Select Program is a service offered by Amazon providing you with the opportunity to promote your Kindle book freely. Once you enroll your book in the KDP Select Program, the book becomes exclusive to Amazon for the next 90 days. This means that you may be unable to publish the book on any other platform over the internet. The advantage is that, during the promotion period, your book get to rank quite easily and quickly on Amazon.

  • Kindle Countdown Deals

Kindle Countdown Deals makes it possible for you to offer a certain discount on your Kindle book for a particular period.

  • Submit to Websites

There are lots of websites that your book can be submitted to for free. They help in promoting your book. The more the exposure gotten by your book, the better it will be for you.

  • Promoting On Social Media

Another way of making your book get more exposure is by promoting on various social media groups. Lots of individuals will be able to see your book, making them want to check it out.

In case you will like to start making money with Kindle, guess it is time for you to try out everything that has been discussed above. Remember, you do not have to be an expert author to publish a book on Amazon Kindle platform.

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