How To Get Out Of Writer’s Block

You’ve been writing, then all of a sudden, you started staring at a blank screen. You now find it hard to write. Your brain looks empty and fried. The inspiration ceases to come. You begin to feel a headache. Even though you ought to be writing, but you just find it hard to continue. This is what is known as writer’s block.

Writer’s block is worse than being tired or bored. Even if you try to stop your mind from wandering away or any other distraction, it still doesn’t work.

In case you happen to be struggling with writer’s block, you have no reason to be discouraged. Every great writer experiences this at a point, and it is quite easy to overcome. But what you do with it is what matters. Before talking about the solution, let us take a look at some of the major causes.

Common causes of writer’s block

There are various causes of writer’s block. Some of these include:

Timing: It may be the right time for you to write. You may need to think over your thoughts a little longer before putting them down.

Fear: Several writers may become afraid, finding it hard to write down their ideas out there for everybody to read and critique. One of the primary reasons that hinder potential writers from becoming writers is fear.

Perfectionism: You are trying to make every situation perfect before picking up your pen or touching your keyboard. Once you are unable to get everything perfect, even in your head, you become unable to start writing.

Solutions to Writer’s Block

Do something creative

Take a break from what you are writing. Paint pictures, design images, make a collage, these are some creative projects you can always work on for the next couple of hours, or even days, before resuming back to your writing. You can also use this opportunity to work on a blog or website.

The most important this is to take a break from any writing related activity, while you do something creative. By doing this, you will continue to exercise your brain’s creative part, and at the end of the day, you will get back into the writing realm, and your ideas begin to flow.

Move your body

Get involved in an activity that makes you move your body. This may include dance, yoga or Tai Chi. Even though this can sound funny, but you will be surprised that by getting your body into the flow, your mind will follow, and begin to flow as well.

Try as much as possible to meditate, taking long, deep breaths as you relax your mind. A relaxed mind tends to be more open. Once your mind becomes free, you will be more imaginative. Being in a peaceful state, you will find it quite easy to concentrate or focus more.

Step away from writing, perform a couple of yoga poses or breathing. By doing this, you are going to return to your writing with your brain in a more creative state.

Get involved in free writing

Try as much as possible to spend at least 15 minutes every day writing anything that pops up in your head. Ignore grammar and punctuation, write freely. Make your writings entirely random. You can also change subjects as you like.

By doing this, you are training your brain to tap into specific words within your head, offering them somewhere to live on your writing journal or computer screen. Once you are done, you can then go back to your writing project. Free writing turns out to be helpful. They can be a source of inspiration for your next piece.

Eliminate any form of distractions

It may even be your phone or internet that is preventing you from concentrating on your writing. Kindly turn it off. Clean up your desk. An untidy or cluttered desk is enough to put the mind in a confused state.

Ask your loved ones to honor your writing space, making it possible for you to write without any form of distractions. Look for quiet places. To stay focused on your writing, you have to give yourself space and time to be in solitude.

Talk to a fantasy friend

No matter the amount of reading audience you have, mere thinking about them can make writing become a daunting task. The best thing for you to do is to forget about your readers. Rather, create a fantasy or imaginary friend.

This imaginary friend of your is a real fan who loves every piece you write and will support everything you do. You can also give a name to your imaginary friend. Create a little drawing, and pin the picture on the wall right in front of you.

Stop writing and begin a conversation with your friend. You can also write him a letter, discussing his challenges and dreams. Assist your friend with anything he may be struggling with. Try as much as possible to be a good friend.

Write very early in the morning

The human brain works in a dynamic way. Once you wake up in the morning, your brain will still be in Theta mode. The brain is alert and ready to go. You have no reason to stress your brain by staying up late into the night. Get a good sleep, wake up 5 am, you will be amazed by the ideas and thought to pop up in your mind and how you can put them down.

Take a short trip

At times, writer’s block may occur maybe because we are missing a family member or friend. In a situation, like this, the best thing to do is to take a break and see your friend. Have a lovely time, enjoy yourself. This is helpful in relaxing your brain.

All these are various ways you can get out of writer’s block. By applying any one or every one of these methods, you will discover that writer’s block is a minor glitch that can easily be overcome. Taking a cup of water can be helpful too. Happy Writing!


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