Using Other Books to Refine Your Book

The best way to refine your  book is to know what your readers like and don’t like. You do that is by reading the feedback readers leave in other books.

CAUTION: This tip is given with caution, there are people out there that are just negative so make sure you discern constructive criticism from negative people. Don’t let it scare you because the reality is that you can’t please everyone.

Look for books in your same niche or even close to it and read reader reviews. Go to the 2 and 3 star reviews of bestsellers. This feedback can help you in many ways to help you find a direction for your book – you

Most complaints of other books I have seen in my niche are:

  1. Not enough studies
  2. Author talks to much about themselves
  3. Doesn’t get to the point

Find the most common negative reviews of books in your niche and remember them as you are finalizing your book.

Using this review reading strategy, you can also find if there is something missing in their books that you can add more value to. Once you find a topic you think you can write about with passion, spend a weekend looking for a void which you think needs filling in that niche.

Happy writing!

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