The introduction of a book gives the first impression the reader has about the book. The reader may be right or wrong but you never get a chance to change their impression. This is why the introduction for your book matters a lot. A good introduction should be able to hook your reader and convince them to buy your book. This section of your book should be able to make a statement that is impressed on the mind of your readers.

Many authors place no importance on the introduction section when writing their book. This section is one of the pages potential readers will check before deciding on whether to make the purchase or not. Your job as a writer is to be able to capture your reader’s attention with your introduction and make your reader willing to pay for your book.

The introductory section of your book should give your readers an idea of what your book is about, your targeted audience and what’s in it for them.

Here are steps to assist you to write an awesome introduction for your book:

  • Identify the problem

Let this section explain concisely what your book is about and the problem you’re going to address. Write in a manner that’s sure to spark your reader’s interest and compel them to keep turning the pages of your book.

  • Present the solution

Give your readers the solution(s) to the problem you have identified. Clearly make the benefits of the book you want your readers to purchase known.


  • Assert your credibility

You may share your personal experience concerning the subject matter. This will help your readers connect to you, especially if they can relate to those experiences.

  • Emphasize the benefits

Lay emphasis on the benefits and solutions your book is providing so that it becomes clear to your readers.

  • Provide evidence

Give your readers examples of real-life situations where your solutions were used and were successful.

  • Make a promise

You can also connect to your readers by making a promise to them concerning your book and deliver on that promise.

  • Tell them to keep reading

Motivate your readers to continue reading your book. Let them know what they’ll be missing out on if they do not read your book.

  • Call your readers to action

After all has been said and done, pique your readers’ interest to entice them to buy their copy and enjoy all the amazing benefits your book has to offer.

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