Getting Book Ideas From Others – (The Right Way)

Getting Book Ideas From Others

Friends or Family

It is surprising how much people are willing to help if you ask. I learned this with my first book. My book was almost done but there was something missing, I really could not pinpoint exactly what. So I did what any person would- posted on Facebook.

I made a post with options of my subtitles and right away people pitched in to give me their advice. It was amazing! All the time I spent going back and forth all I had to do is ask my Facebook friends.

You can create a poll and if people are excited and enthusiastic about one option then you know that is your winner. You can also find if your message is confusing or not intriguing based on responses.

While you are at family gatherings or friends party catch up with people and ask them for their opinion, not only will they help but they might be part of your launch team!


Strangers provide brutal honesty and they will tell you straight up because they have no ties to you.

If you’re at the tire store, or grocery checkout, or anywhere you are waiting in line start a conversation by saying something like this: 

You: Mention weather “Nice Day Outside” or “Wow it got cold fast” ect

Stranger: (replies)

You: Listen this is hard for me to ask, especially strangers, but I am working on writing a book and I would like your opinion on (insert what you are seeking)

It is really that simple and you can get a lot of valuable feedback for the refinement process. People love to give their feedback!

These techniques will feel awkward at first and you won’t want to do it at but the feedback you will receive is extremely valuable.


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