Here are 10 tips to help you stay focused while writing your book:

  • Schedule a consistent writing time

Whatever the time of day you choose to write, be consistent about it. Have a particular time of the day that you dedicate to write your book and stick to it. Your day-in, day-out input towards writing your book will yield better results than writing occasionally. Consistency in writing your book daily produces more interest and keeps you in sync with the subject being written upon.

  • Set deadlines for yourself

Setting deadlines for yourself and sticking to them is crucial to help you achieve your book writing goals. It will give you the ability to follow through with your writing and takes pressure off. It can sometimes bring out genius ideas to put into writing.

  • Create an habit of writing in the morning

When your mind is fresh, clear and active, you tend to get creative ideas. That’s the best time to write. What better time of the day is there to choose to write than in the morning when the mind and brain are active? It’s easier to expend your energy and time on writing when you’re active and turn this daily activity into a habit.

  • Time yourself

Working with a timer helps you keep track of how much you want to cover and how much you have covered within a specific time frame. It gives you motivation to carry on with writing when you see how much progress you have made.

  • Continue writing!

The challenging part is getting you to start writing that book but once you cast your fears aside and begin, keep writing! Write down your ideas. Don’t worry about making mistakes; the important thing is that you’re writing!

  • Edit your writing later

Stopping to check for mistakes will interrupt your creative flow. Leave the task of editing your book for later, when you’re done.

  • Avoid distractions

To get more work done on your book, block every possible distraction. Even if means switching off your mobile phone or cutting yourself from the internet during that period of time. Do it. Make the time allotted for writing a sacred one.

  • Be inspired by your personal growth

Feed yourself with inspiration. Listen to inspirational talks and podcasts. You can also get inspiration and incredible ideas by listening to people who have experience on the subject matter of your book-in-progress.

  • Pen your ideas down

Ideas that will benefit your writing may pop up while carrying out other activities, have a notepad to jot them down.

  • Be accountable

It’s also essential for you to have someone that holds you accountable for set deadlines and progress made on your book.  This will help keep you focused.

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