You may have heard someone say, “I should write a book” or “A lot of people are telling me to write a book”. You may even be the one in that position. Everyone has an idea or a story to tell but the process of book writing becomes easier the moment you understand the purpose of wanting to write.

Understanding your purpose for writing gives you a sense of direction, keeps you focused and makes writing a lot easier. It gives answers to questions such as; “What’s my message?’, “Who is my targeted audience?”, “What’s going to be my writing style?” etc.

People choose to write for different reasons, but for you to achieve success in book writing you need to define your own reason for choosing to write. There are four reasons of utmost importance to people who choose to write.

  • Establishing Authority

Think about it. What do people do in the presence of an authority? They listen to and obey the words coming from the authority. When you hand someone a copy of your best-selling book, you are perceived as an expert in your field. It would be much easier to dazzle your clients so that they view you as an authority regarding a particular subject matter because they trust your judgement.

  • Generating Money and Leads

Book writing can be profitable as a source of passive income. It can also be a medium for generating leads and business opportunities for business owners. Generate leads through your book by adding value for your readers through quality content. While writing, you could create an avenue for readers to contact you by including your details throughout your book.

  • Expanding your Network

To be successful, it’s essential for you to expand your network. As an author, you have the opportunity of connecting with different kind of people; other authors, business owners, bloggers, podcasters – and you cannot tell where that connection will lead. Why not keep copies of your book with you? Your position as an author may likely open doors for you.



  • A Passion Project

Some people write based on their passion about a particular subject. Writing a book about their passion gives them a sense of purpose.

People have different motivation for writing a book, but one very good reason to do so is because you cannot stand not to write that book. You have a story that you are eager to tell the world. That’s passion and it’s the best fuel for writing a book.

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